Berkeley Nitric Oxide Test Strips, 50 ct

Berkeley Nitric Oxide Test Strips, 50 ct


Now in a larger 50-count package!

Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Test Strips provide an indication of nitric oxide levels in a simple saliva test. The test takes 15 seconds to complete and will provide a reading somewhere on the color spectrum provided.

Directions: You can test at any time during the day to check your NO levels. Ensure you have not consumed anything 10 minutes prior to testing. Allow a minimum of 1 to 2 hours after your nitrate high meal or supplement before testing.

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The test is based on the Greiss Test which is a commonly used measure of nitrite in a solution.
Best practice with your patients is to test their levels before and after a dietary nitrate rich meal or supplement. A noticeable difference should be apparent on their test strip readings after 90 minutes.
If no change is apparent on the test strip 90 mins after the dietary nitrate intake, it is worth considering:
•Did the patient abstain from consuming food or drink at least 15 mins before doing both tests?
•Does the patient use an antibacterial mouthwash or whitening toothpaste which can affect the oral microbiome and as a result nitric oxide production?
•Is the patient on a strong antibiotic which could also affect their oral microbiome?

How to use our nitric oxide test strips:
1. Place the test strip with the “saliva here” side on your tongue for five seconds
2. Fold the strip over and gently press the two pads together.
3. Now simply separate and compare the color on the test pad to the nitric oxide scale provided.
Berkeley Test works best when paired with a nitrate rich supplement like Berkeley Life.
Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule important in a healthy cardiovascular system. It’s discovery was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. Nitric oxide is naturally made in your body, but as you age you produce less of it.

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