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You’re Not Like Everybody Else. So Why Should Your Health Solutions Be?

Our Compounding Pharmacy Is Right For You If:

  • Medications no longer provide the relief they used to.
  • You’re worried you’re overmedicating.
  • You feel helpless when medications, supplements, and hormone treatments don’t work.
  • You’re experiencing a strain on relationships due to hormone imbalances.

Get Your Life Back

Triangle Compounding Pharmacy Provides Personalized Service To Support Your Body With The Unique Solutions It Deserves.

Women’s Health

Most hormone replacement treatments (hrt) are synthetic and available in very limited doses, which can cause intolerable side effects. Compounded hrt provides individualized doses and follows the same metabolic pathway as the body’s own hormones.

Men’s Health

As you age, men often experience issues like decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and depression from imbalanced hormones. Our experienced staff will discreetly discuss your needs and help you get back to your best.

Allergies & Sensitivities

Get personalized prescription medication without non-essential ingredients or contaminants, such as gluten, dye, lactose, etc. to which a patient may be allergic. Sensitivities and allergies shouldn’t keep you from getting the medication you need!

Sterile Compounding

From sourcing ingredients, mixing in our state of the art lab, and dispensing your personalized medications, our process exceeds the highest industry standards. Rest assured that your safety is our
top priority.

Veterinary Drugs

From sourcing ingredients, mixing in our state of the art lab, and dispensing your personalized medications, our process exceeds the highest industry standards. Rest assured that your pet’s safety is our top priority.

The Highest Quality is Our Standard

We Are Proud Members Of The Following Organizations That Ensure The Level Of Quality You Deserve For All Your Pharmacy Needs.

Proudly The First PCAB Nationally Accredited Compounding
Pharmacy In North Carolina

Wellness Solutions

Optimizing Health Requires The Right Combination Of Support. Triangle Compounding Pharmacy Offers A Variety Of Premium Over The Counter Solutions To Support Your Health Needs.

People Are Our Priority

Your Body Is Unique. You Deserve Medication And Supplements As Specialized As You. Check Out How We’Ve Helped Our Customers.

“Whenever I go in, everyone always comes up and says hello to me and John-John. They always ask me how he is doing. And, they ask him, ‘Hey John-John what’s up?’ at Triangle Compounding Pharmacy, we’re not a script. We are people and that means so much to me.”

– Lori

“I highly recommend Triangle Compounding Pharmacy! the front desk staff is super helpful and sweet! I don’t know all of the pharmacists, but Wendy is one of them and she is wonderful! Super knowledgeable on all topics, whether it’s nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals. If I ever have questions, she’s always quick to respond. Beyond grateful for this pharmacy!”

– Sara

“The people at Triangle Compounding Pharmacy are very knowledgeable; they think beyond the prescription in front them, to what else might help the patient, and they are extremely customer oriented and quickly became part of our family.”

– Byron

Our Process to Personalize Your Prescriptions

Schedule A Free Consultation

We want to ensure we are the best fit for you. That’s why every FREE consultation includes a custom health assessment.

Get Your Personalized Medication

Every BODY is unique. We create individualized solutions for you – not “everybody.”

Live At Your Best

You deserve to live your life how you want! Get the solutions to tackle your unique health challenges and feel like yourself again.

Life At Your Best Is

It’s tough when you or a loved one don’t feel your best. You feel like no one is listening, you’re running out of options, and don’t know how to start feeling better.

It’s negatively impacting your life and you’re worried about what this means for your future.

At Triangle Compounding Pharmacy, we specialize in creating personalized compounded medications that are optimized specifically for your unique medical needs.

You shouldn’t have to suffer when there’s a solution – made just for you. Equip your body so that you can feel your best as soon as possible.

We’re Here To Help You Through Every Change

Everyone experiences changes in their body over time. Most people don’t seek out help until they experience extreme discomfort. Not getting the proper support you need will continue to strain your body, closest relationships, and dreams for the future.

Shop Our Online Store for Professional-Grade

You’re looking for high quality supplements, but you don’t know where to find them. The truth is that most supplements found in big chain retail or online stores sell supplements made with low-quality ingredients and fillers.

Triangle Compounding Pharmacy offers only the highest quality professional-grade supplements available. We’ve hand-selected each product to ensure that it meets our rigorous standards for quality and efficacy.

It’s easy for you to order your favorite supplements directly from us.

Persistent Health Challenges Demand The Best Service

Our team has 60+ years of combined experience in compounding pharmacy. We own and operate from a state-of-the-art facility where we train colleagues and others in our field. We’ll go to any length necessary to get you the quality and custom health solutions you deserve.

Utilize Our Personalized Compounded Medication To Live Your Best Life!

It All Starts With With Your Free Consultation To Get Your Custom Health Assessment.

Is Hormone Optimization Right For Me?

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Is Hormone Optimization Right For You?

  • Can you get your mojo back?
  • Will they help you get relief from menopause symptoms?
  • Maybe feel more like yourself again?

Is hormone
optimization right for me?