We are often asked “Which physicians in this area are familiar with customized hormone replacement?” Below is a list of physicians in our area that are familiar with human identical hormone replacement:


Pouru Bhiwandi, MD

3100 Duraleigh Rd Ste 204

Raleigh, NC 27612

Phone: 919-782-8882


Specialty: Gynecology

Karen Clark, MD

55 Vilcom Center Drive

Boyd Hall, Suite 110

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Phone: 919-929-7990


Specialty: Gynecology

Dr. Lisa Hogan

10940 Raven Ridge Road, Suite 214,

Raleigh, NC 27614

Phone: 919-847-1495

Fax: 919-847-1549


Specialty: Aesthetic and Anti Aging Medicine

Dr. Beverly Goode-Kanawati, D.O.

Board Certified Family Practice & Board Certified Emergency Medicine

6008 Creedmoor Road

Raleigh, NC 27612

Phone: 919-844-4552

Fax: 919-844-4556

E-mail: BMC@bevkovitamins.com


Sally Ann Joseph, MSN, WHNP-C

UNC OB/GYN at Panther Creek

6715 McCrimmon Parkway

Suite 204, Second Floor

Cary, NC 27519

Phone: 919-481-4747


Specialty: Gynecology, Hormone Replacement


Charles Matthews, MD

NC Comprehensive Headache Clinic

2501 Atrium Drive, Suite 400

Raleigh, NC 27607

Phone: 919-781-7423


Specialty: Hormone replacement with an emphasis on neurologic and endocrinologic factors.

Elizabeth Motyka, MD, FACOG

For Women

727 Eastowne Drive Suite 200A

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Phone: 919-401-4515


Specialty: Holistic Gynecology


John Pittman, MD

Carolina Center for Integrative Medicine

4505 Fair Meadow Lane

Raleigh, NC 27607

Phone: 919-571-4391


Specialty: Integrative Medicine

Denise Sutherland-Phillips, MD

North Hills Integrative Medicine Associates

4040 Barrett Drive

Raleigh, NC 27609

Phone: 919-783-5300


Specialty: Integrative Medicine

Polly Watson MD FACOG NCMP

Hormone Wellness MD

950 Windy Rd Suite 206, Apex, NC 27502

Phone: 919.364.3430

Fax: 833.631.6938


Specialty: Functional Medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Gynecology

Hajira Yasmin, MD FACOG, IF, NCMP, AASECT (CSC) & Chindanoor Rajesh, MD

Alray Direct Gynecology and Intimate Health Center

10940 Raven Ridge Rd, Suite 110

Raleigh, NC 27614

Phone: 984-212-3686

Alray Direct Gynecology and Intimate Health Center

Dr. Yas specialty: Gynecologist, Sexual Medicine, HRT, Menopause, Vulvar Pain

Dr. Raj specialty: Male Sexual Dysfunction, Outpatient Internist, Inpatient Hospitalist