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We provide custom compounded solutions to optimize women’s health and wellbeing during all stages of life. Personalized hormone therapies can balance deficiencies and offer a natural alternative to commercial medications.


Triangle Compounding Pharmacy follows USP 797 standards and utilizes FDA approved and USP grade ingredients. We ensure every step of the process, from component intake through final quality check, meets both internal and regulatory standards.


Men can benefit from customized hormone therapies as they age. Physical and emotional symptoms are experienced at all ages, including libido issues, erectile dysfunction, depression and more. Our experienced staff can help and are happy to discreetly discuss your needs.


Our compounding pharmacy can create a personalized prescription medication without unwanted, nonessential ingredients, such as gluten, dye or lactose to which a patient may be allergic.


Children present unique medication challenges. At Triangle Compounding Pharmacy, we can compound alternate dosage forms, kid-friendly flavors and medications without problem-solving excipients (i.e. gluten, preservatives, dyes, etc.)


Our pharmacists and your veterinarian will work together to determine the dose and the most effective delivery system for your pet. The compounded medication will be created from the highest quality ingredients and dose to meet your pet’s unique needs.

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To ensure we can best serve our practitioners and patients , we are proud members of the following organizations.

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Shop our Professional, High Quality Supplements Online

Our high quality professional-grade supplements are not sold in big chain retail or online stores because our brands are only available from healthcare professionals. To better serve our patients, we have created an online store which features our hand-selected products.


Prescription Refills
Made Easy

Triangle Compounding Pharmacy offers digital tools to help you refill prescriptions for you and your family. You can place your order online, through our app, or over the phone with one of our pharmacy staff members.

FREE shipping available for most medications.